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Base Oils

The new method of HFM Horst Fuhse Mineralölraffinerie GmbH allows us to fully keep the superb viscosity temperature behavior of modern lubricants during the treatment of used oils. Our BASOL® base oils have a natural viscosity value of between 130 and 140 and thus are in a range which used to be possible only with synthetic base oils.

Apart from a significant cost reduction when creating formulae for engine lubricants, by deploying our BASOL® base oils you will have numerous other benefits:

  • The strong thickening effect of the viscosity value improver is omitted; the deployment of low-viscosity base oils with higher evaporation losses is not required anymore.
  • Unlike multi-functional oils based on viscosity value improvers, multi-functional oils the viscosity of which sometimes is sometimes reduced by more than 50% in case of shear stress with high shear rates; our BASOL® base oils display a perfect viscosity behavior.
  • Unlike with viscosity value improvers, the deployment of BASOL® base oils does not tend to form any residues.
  • Getting destroyed through mechanical or thermal stress during engine operation and thus a loss of multi-functional characteristics is not possible.

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Process Oils

BASOL® T has been acknowledged by the European market as high-quality flux oil for many years now. As process oils, they are not only used for producing bitumen, but also deployed by the roof sheeting industry.

Apart from that, BASOL® T does an excellent job as recycling additive when deploying recovered asphalt in the field of road construction.

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Heating Oils

This group of products comprises a number of mineral oils which can replace primary raw materials as heating oils complying with all required standards and thus have been contributing significantly to conserving natural resources for years now. These oils fully comply with DIN 51603-4 R-LS/TS standards and are thus identical to the quality of primary combustibles.

  • HFM PREMIUM® has established itself as a full replacement of EL heating oil. Numerous companies from the manufacturing trade as well as service providers trust this premium quality for years.
  • HFM STANDARD has found a widespread use in the heavy industry and is used e.g. in the field of road construction or by the bitumen trade.

What all these heating oils have in common is their very low pour point resulting in that, unlike with common heating oils, paraffin separation only occurs with extremely low outdoor temperatures.

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Marine Fuel

HFM SBS is a marine fuel that is manufactured in accordance with ISO 8217: 2012.
HFM SBS is ideally suited and usable as a blend component for marine fuels in the ISO-F category.

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Special Combustibles

Apart from heating oils complying with all applicable standards, HFM Horst Fuhse Mineralölraffinerie GmbH also provides a number of special combustibles we keep optimizing for their respective field of deployment in close cooperation with our customers.

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